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Sometime in the mid- to late-1990’s, a Chinese businessman named Li Fangwei based in northeastern China began exporting large quantities of very special components and other materials to Iran. When experts discovered that he was violating United Nations export sanctions to supply Iran with ballistic missile technology, he began aggressively avoiding authorities. He changed his name over a dozen times and set up numerous shell companies to launder money and engage in illicit trade. Today, despite an FBI warrant from 2014 for $5 million dollars, numerous criminal indictments, and sanctions against his front companies and him personally, Li Fangwei continues to enjoy protection from government authorities and remains profitably active from his headquarters in Dalian City, China. Meanwhile, Iran continues to exploit his technology transfers to develop their missile program, spreading chaos and death in the region.

Who is Li Fangwei? Who is cooperating with him and protecting him?

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