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The world is a big and beautiful place, and all humanity has a right to live in peace. As classmates from all over the world, the members of our group has been sharing perspectives on world events since we became friends in first year. We got the idea for this project in early May, from a teacher who encouraged each of us to seek out at least one injustice in the world and try to set it right.

We were all familiar with Li Fangwei and his enabling of international proliferation of weapons of mass destruction from a case study we read in class, but we were shocked to learn that almost no-one outside of academic circles is aware of his role in middle-east instability.

The bottom line is this — the world is pretty bad right now and if normal people don’t stand up to make things better then it will only keep getting worse.

If you are reading this and you know anything more about Li Fangwei or how he connects to Iran and the missiles being sold by Iran to third parties, then please post a comment to us and help make the world a little less scary. People are dying right now; let’s make this stop!